Improve communication

How do you do it?

There is no instructor in a Toastmasters Club.  Toastmasters International provides every member with world-recognised training materials that have been proven for their quality and effectiveness.  It’s then up to you to decide how often you prepare and present a speech.  Even if you are too busy to present a prepared assignment you can fill impromptu meeting roles and be there to support fellow members. Meetings are “learning by doing” workshops during which you hone your skills in a fun and encouraging atmosphere.

Some members become self-assured very quickly!

What is really important is that at each and every step your peers will give you help, support and encouragement.

When you join Toastmasters you will be provided with two manuals – Competent Communication and Competent Leadership. The CC Manual sets members 10 speech projects.  It starts with The Icebreaker (a speech about you and your interests) and becomes progressively more complex.  There is an open time frame for completing speech manuals.  This means that you can pace yourself according to the other commitments in your life.  When you have completed the CC Manual you are presented with a Competent Toastmaster Certificate.  You can then continue with the Advanced Communication Manuals Toastmaster, which allows you to select from many specialised speaking manuals.

All manuals can be found at: