Next meeting, Wednesday 26 August at 7:30pm

Star Wars SpringCan it be? Is it really happening? Yes… it seems (despite the cold weather) that spring is 
almost here. But before we hello to the smell of cut grass and the accompanying sound of sneezing let’s say farewell to winter this Wednesday at South Coast Speakers Toastmasters.

Join us at 7:30pm (or come before for dinner) for a relaxed ‘toasties’ meeting with your friendly South Coast Speakers colleagues.

Doing these 9 things will pay off forever
Here is an interesting article from Business Insider Australia entitled “Doing these 9 uncomfortable things will pay off forever“. Amongst key tips like “watch your pennies” and “pick one thing to master at a time” is…. drum roll… “practice public speaking”. And the recommendation… to join a local Toastmasters club of course! As the author says: “Its scary as hell until you realise that everyone around you feels the same.”

Leader Letter Newsletter
Here is this month’s copy of the Leader Letter.  An interesting read containing Toastmasters tips and information.