Next meeting, Wednesday 24 June at 7:30pm

WineterMemeOur next meeting:
Another winter meeting… another winter meme! Our next meeting is scheduled for this Wednesday 24 June in the lovely warm surrounds of the San Remo Hotel. The meeting will be filled with winter-warming speeches by Phoebe, Chrissy and Heather or Miriam with a healthy dollop of fun and frivolity on top.

Phoebe’s speech this week will be part two of her fascinating insight into the Christchurch earthquakes – and a practise run for her presentation to work colleagues in July.

Southern Cross Newsletter
Southern Cross, the online newsletter for District 73 is now available.
The newsletter includes an run down of the recent Toastmasters conference hosted in Tasmania

Joke of the Day
In preparation for Wednesday, here is a pre-meeting ‘Joke of the Day’:

A guy walks into a bar and sees 3 pieces of meat hanging from the ceiling. The guy asks, “What’s this about?” The bartender replies, “Well, if you can jump up and slap the meat, you get free drinks for the rest of the night. If you miss, you pay for everyone’s drinks for the next hour. You wanna do it?”
The guy replies, “Nah, the steaks are too high.”

We hope to see you on Wednesday!