Next meeting: Wednesday, 10th April 2013 (437) at 7.30pm

‘Being with friends isn’t the the greatest feeling. The greatest feeling is being with who make you feel like you are with friends.’ (Daniel Marshall, VPE South Coast Speakers)

We do have a fabulous agenda for our next meeting this week. Three prepared speeches that are individuality evaluated, Table topics to familiarise yourself with talking on your feet – impromptu. Table topics are also evaluated to give you feedback on how you structured your ‘spontaneous’ speech on a (table) topic! It also allows an evaluator to extend his/her skills on evaluation.

Of course, we will have a round robin introductions and a rolling story. A great way to tap into your creative speaking skills and humor. Our mini-speeches called Mini Sagas have been very popular with our members coming up with a speech of 50 words!

So, if you are not doing anything very interesting tomorrow night, please come along to our Toastmaster meeting and meet some friends! Surely, you will be entertained and challenged at the same time.