Next meeting, Wednesday 10 June at 7:30pm

1ea744fde1c965af7383e3b6d2c56f81Brrr… happy winter! Don’t be put off by the cold, our meetings are warm and ‘toasty’.¬†Tomorrow’s meeting (Wednesday 10 June) is looking like a lot of fun with speeches by Phoebe, Hans and Greg and table topics from Miriam. Please join us.

Club Report:
We were pleased to welcome Michael Lilley to our club recently to facilitate an¬†‘Area Visit Report’. Turns out he likes us (well the report seems to indicate this anyway!). Some of the feedback we received was:

The club greets guests exceptionally well.
Meetings are of a very friendly nature and are made enjoyable 
through the inclusion of members in the meeting agenda and the 
allowance for participation from the guests. Members are very 
understanding and supportive towards each other.
Encourages members to complete projects from their manuals and 
compete in speech competitions.

There were some things that we can work on – most importantly better tracking of where members in relation to completion of manuals… and this will be worked on in the coming months.

Toastmaster Convention
If you are considering attending this year’s Toastmaster Convention, there are still a few days left to grab an early bird ticket at the ‘Early Bird’ price. This year’s conference will be held in Viva Las Vegas.