New Members Wanted and Welcomed

Your local Toastmasters South Coast Speakers is looking for keen new members. We are a great goup of individuals with various educational and cultural backgrounds and coming to San Remo from near and far. Some of our members operate their own business, others are farmers or in their third stage of life. Or they work locally in our community in various businesses around the area. We believe we have a lot to offer to all individuals and enjoy having fun whilst we are learning to become more succinct communicators. We also have a program to improve leadership skills, this is particularly valuable if you are in an Executive position or if you run your own business.

Come along to our next meeting: Wednesday, 27th February 2013 and discover for yourself how valuable and South Coast Speakers is!

Here is a photo of some of our current members: Carol Cain, Kelvin Wilson, Brigitte Linder, Ian Chalmers, Cheryl Carr, Greg Cain, Chrissy Legg & Daniel Marshall (David Morris is behind the camera).