Meeting No 419 – “Speech-a-thon” 28th March 2012

What’s a Speech-a-thon?

It’s a night (or a meeting) full of prepared speeches. There will be two educational speeches to kick the meeting off and give some last minute and hopefully lasting advices on how to open your speech as well as tips and hints for a good evaluation. Each evaluation will provide valuable feedback for the presenter to excel and progress further.

The highlight of the evening will then be the presentation of prepared speeches – each and every one unique to reflect the speaker’s personality and favourite topics.

If you are interested in becoming a top communicator in both personal and professional areas and are looking for an inexpensive, fun and supportive way to achieve this, Southcoastspeakers (your local Toastmasters) is the place the be.

Our meeting starts at 7.30pm, at the San Remo Hotel, San Remo (the gateway to Phillip Island) if you require further information, please use contact to e-mail us.

See you at Southcoastspeakers!

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