December meeting

The last meeting of the year is on 14th December 2011 and has a slightly different format. We meet at our usual venue the San Remo Hotel at 6.45pm for a drink and a sit down dinner that starts at 7.00pm. There will be table topics, prepared speeches and the rolling story for the usual fun and entertainement of everyone. If you wish to join us for this meeting, please let Rhonda ( know by 12th December 2011. Toastmaster will not meet in January! We will resume our meetings on 8th February 2012. Happy festive season!

Your Presentation or speech is a gift you give

Just as we say “Speak to express not impress” we can also look at our presentations as a “present”. This is something we give with our head, heart and all our accumulated knowledge.

We can concentrate on the “present”- or gift and this helps us to get past seeing ourselves as the presenter and being nervous about it and to focus on the gift we are presenting.

Next meeting: 9th November 2011

Members agreed to have a horse racing theme for our next meeting to celebrate the Spring Racing Carnival.

The idea is to come “dressed up” and use the theme as much as possible in the table topics, rolling story and speeches etc.

You may even have some stories from Cup Day to regale us with.

Please come along abundantly and we shall have a wonderful Toastmaster evening as usual at the San Remo Hotel, San Remo starting at 7.30pm.

Guests are always welcome!

Meeting 26th October 2011

And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people  permission to do the same”  (Nelson Mandela)

Bring along plenty of internal sunshine to our next meeting! We have a fabulous program scheduled and are looking forward to more icebreakers (first speech) as they are not only the start to the Toastmasters journey but also reveal the individual beauty of each participant.

Our meeting starts at 7.30pm at the San Remo Hotel, San Remo. See you there!

Meeting 412

We are meeting again on 26th October 2011 at 7.30pm and welcome you to come along as a guest to check out how South Coast Speakers can magnify your confidence in communicating. Discover how our meetings are structured to improve your leadership skills.

Drop us an e-mail or just come along. Ask for Rhonda, Carol, Trudy or Brigitte. We would love to see you.

Meeting 411 just around the corner

The program for our next meeting starts taking shape and is just around the corner! With new members it is important to get them started quickly with what’s called Icebreaker speech. It’s a great way not only to start your Toastmaster journey but for other members to get to know you better. We love Icebreakers at South Coast Speakers!

So, if you feel like coming along to check it out – just come along to our next meeting.

Wednesday, 12th October 2011, San Remo Hotel, San Remo, 7.30pm – 9.30pm

A great & fun way to discover more about yourself and your fellow members.

Meeting 410 tonight!

Please come along to our meeting tonight, as per usual at the San Remo Hotel in San Remo. Hamish McQuarrie and Scott Phillips will both present their icebreakers which is the most exciting speech because it’s the first one. Trudy Jamieson and Josie Knocker will both present their CC4 (Competent communication) which is a project that focuses on selecting the right words and sentence structure to communicate ideas clearly.

“Be not afraid of growing slowly; be afraid only standing still”. (Chinse proverb)

Our meeting starts at 7.30pm sharp and we usually meet for dinner around 6.00pm to catch up and share some good stories!



Winners of recent contests

Cheryl Carr, the recent winner of the Club’s Humorous Speech contest, chaired the International Speech contest which was won by Greg Cain from Cowes. Greg and runner up Kelvin Wilson from Grantville now go on to the Area level contest.

The Table Topics contest chaired by Rhonda Jobe was won by Ian Chalmers from Fish Creek with Kris Kane from San Remo second. The participants were asked to express their views on the saying “Love makes the world go round” in less than two minutes.

Congratulations to the proud winners!