Next meeting, Wednesday 25 July at 7:30pm


Simon Sinek has some 22 million video views under his belt and is the third most-watched
TED Talks presenter of all time. He is also naturally shy and doesn’t like speaking with crowds. How did he overcome his fear of public speaking? Here are a few of his tips:

Don’t start talking right away.
“A lot of people start talking right away, and it’s out of nerves,” Sinek says. “That communicates a little bit of insecurity and fear.” Instead, quietly walk out on stage. Then take a deep breath, find your place, wait a few seconds and begin. This shows your audience you are in control of the room and situation.

Show up to give, not to take
Often people give presentations to sell products or ideas, to get people to follow them on social media, buy their books or even just to like them. Sinek calls these kinds of speakers “takers,” and he says audiences can see through these people right away. And, when they do, they disengage.”We are highly social animals,” says Sinek. “Even at a distance on stage, we can tell if you’re a giver or a taker, and people are more likely to trust a giver — a speaker that gives them value, that teaches them something new, that inspires them — than a taker.”

Make eye contact
Look at specific audience members throughout your speech. If you can, give each person that you intently look at an entire sentence or thought, without breaking your gaze. When you finish a sentence, move on to another person and keep connecting with individual people until you’re done speaking.”It’s like you’re having a conversation with your audience,” says Sinek. “You’re not speaking at them, you’re speaking with them.”

Speak unusually slowly
When you get nervous, it’s not just your heart beat that quickens. Your words also tend to speed up. Luckily Sinek says audiences are more patient and forgiving than we know.

“They want you to succeed up there, but the more you rush, the more you turn them off,” he says. “If you just go quiet for a moment and take a long, deep breath, they’ll wait for you. It’s kind of amazing.”

Turn nervousness into excitement
Sinek learned this trick from watching the Olympics. A few years ago he noticed that reporters interviewing Olympic athletes before and after competing were all asking the same question. “Were you nervous?” And all of the athletes gave the same answer: “No, I was excited.” These competitors were taking the body’s signs of nervousness — clammy hands, pounding heart and tense nerves — and reinterpreting them as side effects of excitement and exhilaration.

Powerful Public Speaking Tips From One of the Most-Watched TED Talks Speakers by Kim Lachance Shandrow

Come along to our next South Coast Speakers Toastmasters meeting on Wednesday 25 July. We can help you overcome your speaking fears and help you on your path to becoming a more confident leader.

Next meeting, Wednesday 24 May at 7:30pm

How quickly a fortnight zooms around! If you’re looking for something fun and rewarding to do this evening, South Coast Speakers Toastmasters is the place to be. Improve your speaking and listening skills and build your self confidence. The meeting starts at 7:30pm in the back room of the San Remo Hotel-Motel.

How can Toastmasters help you get the job you want
You probably already know that Toastmasters can help you in your employment, but did you know  it can also help you to get employment? Job interviews can be crazy scary, but if you have confidence in your speaking ability and know how to correctly your structure answers, you will come across better. Just another reason Toastmasters is the place to be. Oh, and here’s a good article that helps you to answer that dreaded interview question: What is your greatest weakness? Enjoy the read.

Club Officer Training: July 8th
The new round of Club Officer Training (COT) is only a couple of months away.
The training provides an opportunity to up-skill and share ideas with existing and incoming Club officers. The forthcoming training will be held in Cheltenham on Saturday July 8th. Further COT sessions will be held throughout the state, so if you can’t make it to the ones in Bass Division do yourself and your club a favour and check out the District 73 calendar for other dates when they become available.

Next meeting, Wednesday 10 May at 7:30pm

Tonight’s the night. 7:30pm for our meeting or join us earlier for dinner and drinks.
We’ve been a little low with numbers lately due to some cold nights and busy timetables but we are looking forward to seeing more faces at the San Remo Hotel tonight.

The 1 Skill Warren Buffett Says You Must Learn
UPS Store, 27 April 2017


When Warren Buffett speaks to his business students, he tells them that mastering the art of public speaking is the single greatest skill to boost your career. For small business owners, enhancing your public speaking skills could go a long way towards building communication with your customers, partners, and prospective investors.

You might be thinking, “That’s great, but I have a fear of public speaking.” That’s OK. Buffett was actually terrified too. As a young stock adviser, Buffett took a Dale Carnegie public-speaking course to overcome his fear. It’s a little-known fact, but Buffett dropped out of the course on his first try, because he was afraid he’d be asked to speak up. He worked up his courage a second time and today proudly displays his Dale Carnegie certificate in his office.

According to TED curator Chris Anderson, public speaking matters more than ever. In his book TED Talks, Anderson writes: “As a leader — or as an advocate — public speaking is the key to unlocking empathy, stirring excitement, sharing knowledge and insights, and promoting a shared dream.”

Your goal is to create empathy, a bond of trust between you and your listener. Public speaking can stir excitement, share knowledge, and promote a shared dream. To get more comfortable, check out your local chapter of Toastmasters or take a public speaking class through a local college or university.

Did you know the Toastmasters Magazine is now available online?
Now that the Toastmaster magazine is online, you have instant access to timely educational content. Don’t need the print edition? You can opt out of out of it, update your address and manage other preferences by logging in to your My Toastmasters profile.

Next meeting, Wednesday 26 April at 7:30pm


The weather is wild, windy and wet… but tonight at the San Remo Hotel – Motel everything will be surprisingly ‘toasty’. Yes South Coast Speakers Toastmasters is on again. Join us tonight for our meeting at 7:30pm or come earlier for dinner and drinks with your Toastmaster colleagues.

Did you know Toastmasters is good for your career?
Here’s just one of the reasons why (we will look at others in our next newsletter)
Employers consistency list community as a key skill they seek in new employes. The candidates who get jobs and get promoted are confident and are often the best communicators. Toastmasters members have endless opportunities to polish this skill that is so crucial for career advancement. Members frequently credit Toastmasters with their new jobs and promotions. Others say they’ve developed the confidence to take on projects they would not have felt they could handle before Toastmasters. “I am more confident in my job speaking at all levels,” says Lisa Ward, a member of Colville Toastmasters in Colville, WA.

Did you catch the April edition of the Toastmasters International newsletter?
If not you can catch up on all the latest news and events HERE.

We need new members – do you know of any potential Toastmasters?
Do you know of someone that would benefit from Toastmasters? Our meetings can help to enhance communications skills and increase self confidence. If you do… why not bring them along to our next meeting. Visitor can attend three meeting to provide a taste of what  Toastmasters is all about.

Next meeting, Wednesday 8 March at 7:30pm

Join us tonight for a fun, relaxed and creative night at South Coast Speakers Toastmasters. Our meetings provide you with an opportunity to build your speaking confidence and develop leadership skills.

Our special guest tonight is Kim Hahn our Area Director. Kim will be attending to see how our club runs and to provide helpful feedback. Feedback is a cornerstones of every Toastmasters meeting.

The meeting starts at 7:30pm but you are welcome to join us earlier for dinner and/or drinks. Did you know that guests are welcome to attend three toastmasters meetings before joining? So why not bring along a guest and they can see for themselves what Toastmasters is all about.

Annual Conference:
Day tickets are now available for our 2017 District 73 Annual Convention. The conference will be held on 19, 20, 21 May at Carlton Rydges Hotel.

On Friday night we’ll be hearing a keynote address by Americas Cup champion, John Bertrand, followed by a question and answer session. On Saturday, 2009 World Champion of Public Speaking, Mark Hunter, will be giving a keynote about the Art of Public Speaking. On Sunday, he will be running a master class on Leadership.

There are also workshops over the weekend, as well as the finals of the District contests. Book now through the Trybooking site:

If you need more information about the convention, go to:

Next meeting, Wednesday 22 February at 7:30pm

It’s still the start of the year so if improving your public speaking skills was a new year’s resolution, there’s still time to make it a reality. Join us tomorrow night at the San Remo Hotel – Motel at 7:30pm and see what Toastmasters is all about.

Our last meeting:
At our last meeting we only had a small turn-out but it was amazing what was accomplished. We were privileged to hear an excerpt from Brigitte’s forthcoming presentation and an impromptu speech from Miriam on the health industry.

The nice thing about our toastmasters group is the way that everyone jumps in and gets involved. We hope to see you tomorrow night – don’t forget you are welcome to join us earlier for dinner or a drink too.

The Leader Letter
Read about what’s happening at Toastmaster’s International. The Leader Letter provides articles and tips to help your speeches sparkle and your leadership skills grow:

Next meeting, Wednesday 8 February at 7:30pm

Welcome back to South Coast Speakers Toastmasters! We look forward to seeing you at our next meeting and working with you to achieve your speaking goals for 2017.

What roles would you like to do?
As it is a new year the forward planner is looking a little bare! If there is a role you would like to do at a forthcoming meeting, please let Daniel know asap and he will add you to the agenda.

Committee update
The South Coast Speakers Toastmasters committee met last week to set our club goals for the forthcoming year. Things we are keen to do are:
– grow our membership base and
– ensure all members are on track with their goals and speaking aspirations.
Do let us know if you have any idea to help our member numbers or if you would like help setting up a speaking plan.

Cub Officer Training
Some training is coming up very soon for club officers which will showcase what Toastmasters International has to offer.
11th February –  9am
8 Chesterville Road, Cheltenham
8th February – 7pm
11-13 Breed Street, Traralgon 
This is a free event open to all Club Officers, and those contemplating becoming a Club Officer.

Next meeting, Christmas Cheer, Wednesday 14 December at 7:00pm

It’s hard to believe… but in just a few days a bit fat man will be crawling down the chimney ready to deliver your presents (or coal).  Yes, it’s true, Christmas is almost here. This means two things for all of us at South Coast Speakers Toastmasters.

  1. We will soon commence our Christmas break (we will resume meetings in February)
  2. Christmas break-up frivolity

Our last meeting for 2016 is this Wednesday – starting at 7pm and finishing at 9pm.
We will order dinner from the menu and there might be a special treat for dessert prepared in Patricia’s new oven…

We will be running a Kris Kringle so please bring along one gift per member (if partners or children attending with you, just one gift per household), value $10, this year’s challenge: NO ALCOHOL OR CHOCOLATE!!! Go to it, you creative people.

Everyone will have opportunities to exercise their vocal skills with Round Robin, Rolling story and Table Topics planned, plus we will be entertained with a speech by Brigitte, and the President might do a bit of a wrap-up at the end.

See you on Wednesday!


Next meeting, Wednesday 23 November at 7:30pm

8c18fdfc6158aed49983f514faf15f48How quickly time flies! Toastmasters is on tonight and it’s our second last meeting for 2016… can you believe it?! Head down to the San Remo Hotel for our meeting at 7:30pm or earlier for dinner and drinks.

Christmas Meeting:
Our next meeting on 14 December will be our end of year break-up. It will start a little earlier at 7:00pm and, as usual for our last meeting for the year, will involve dinner and a bit of a Christmas theme. Mark the date in your calendar and let Miriam know tonight if you can attend. It’s sure to be a fun night.

District 73 Annual Convention:
Next years District 73 Convention will be held in Carlton from 19 -23 May. The theme is ‘Find Your Inner Hero’ and we will have a host of speakers and workshops designed to help you find the hero within yourself. Our convention is being held at the Carlton Rydges in Melbourne. For more information go to:


Next meeting, Wednesday 9 November at 7:30pm

09217ce336fe7b4f8c3c91280fd28e79There are not many meetings left for 2016, so make sure you pop on down before our January break. At our last meeting our impromptu skills were put to the test with an ‘impromptu agenda’ – everything was “off the cuff” including our tabletops and the speeches. It was challenging but everyone excelled at the tasks they selected.

Tonight we are back to a normal agenda and have three speakers locked in as well as our regular table topics, rollings stories, jokes etc. We will be commencing at 7:30pm but feel free to stop by earlier for a meal. Committee members we will be meeting at 6:30pm tonight for a brief catch up.

Semi-Annual Conference:
The 2016 D73 Semi-Annual Convention will be held on Saturday 12th November at the Parkroyal Melbourne Airport from 9am (registrations start at 8.30am).

If you have never been to a Toastmasters Semi-Annual or Annual Convention this is the time to start!! There are loads of workshops to attend. Many focus around public speaking skills, but in keeping with this year’s theme – Be the Change there are also many general personal development sessions. You can find out more at:

Our contest winners will go on to the next round shortly and you are welcome to come along and watch them compete. On Monday 14 November the International and Table Topic competition will be held in Dandenong. Heather was club winner of International and Patricia was the winner of Table Topics. Then on Tuesday 22 November the Humorous and Evaluation contest will be held in Mornington. Patricia was our Humorous contest winner and David our successful Evaluation winner. We wish all our the best to our competing members. We have no doubt that you will do our club proud!