Next meeting: Wednesday, 9th July (463) at 7.00pm (Change Over night)

Change over dinnerWelcome to mid year! We are about to have our annual change over dinner, it’s actually the next meeting. It’s the time of the year when the old committee changes to the new committee which has been elected successfully during the last meeting. The set up for this meeting is slightly different as we have a ‘dinner meeting’ and start at 7.00pm. Also, you are most welcome to bring your partner or a friend along. There will be a round robin, table topics, a rolling story and possibly a couple of prepared speeches.

Mario’s bistro will cater for our needs and generously offered to us to pick anything from the menu and he will add a dessert (Pannacotta) at a special price of $32/person (the eye-fillet or the eye-fillet special is excluded from this offer).

Please RSVP to Chrissy (0435 261 281) or

We will also need to know if you are coming along or bring your partner/friend with you, which would be lovely!

Arrive at 6.45pm for a 7.00pm start please.

See you there.




Next meeting: Wednesday, 25th June (462) at 7.30pm (Pre-Change over night)

ID-100211549Winter solstice is almost upon us which means, the days are incredibly short and the nights are long. We tend to go to bed earlier and rise a little later which flows with the energy of the season. Nevertheless, it’s an inspiring, reflective time of mid-year. It’s also a great time to think, go inward and present a speech at Toastmasters! As we tend to spend more time at home, rather than outside or at the beach, you might have some great ideas for a speech topic. It could be on what’s moving you, on the season, your family or something you always wanted to know more about and share with others. Everybody at Toastmasters is looking forward to any prepared speech as it’s a great way not only to learn about new things but also to get to know a fellow ‘Toastie’ that little bit better.

We would love to see you especially during winter. We meet for a bite to eat at the San Remo Hotel, San Remo around 6.3opm next Wednesday, 25th June 2014. The meeting starts at 7.30pm and concludes at 9.30pm. Still plenty of time for you to get to bed early!

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