Next meeting: Wednesday, 14th May (459) at 7.30pm (Visitor Night)

ID-100160011The next meeting is 3 weeks away which means you have plenty of time to find one friend to accompany you to the meeting!  Just one friend.

  • Someone who was always been interested in coming along but never quite made it.
  • Someone who has recently changed job and could benefit from improving their communication or leadership skills.
  • Someone who is looking for a new, exciting activity to broaden their horizons and meet interesting new people.

It could also be YOUR opportunity to come along and experience our club and its member and see if it would be something that you’d enjoy. It’s completely free and we guarantee that it will be a pleasant experience for you!

To give you an example:

During our meeting (last night), we were short of a Table Topics master until Kelvin opted to take on the challenge. He got everyone to write down a well kept secret about themselves. After that, he would choose someone to comment on one of those secrets. The person had to answer who wrote it and why. It was hilarious and it was intriguing to find out about other members and their secrets. Kelvin managed this impromptu project well. It was creative,  interesting and smart.

So, there you go. If you like this example of the management of a Table Topics (impromptu 90 second speeches), then you will be coming to the right place!

Come along, meet us at 6.3opm for a bite to eat for a 7.30pm start. Spread the word. Get organised, now!

Next meeting: Wednesday, 23rd April March (458) at 7.30pm

The fourth Wednesday of the month is fast approaching  which means, I have to gear up for the South Coast Speakers Toastmasters meeting. I was going to do this great speech project,  I was well organised for it too: thought of a good topic, have been pondering on the details of presentation, had motivation and enthusiasm for it and all of a sudden, I am running out of time again! Thankfulli-want-to-say-something-100209477y, there are a few more days (and moments) left to prepare further.

It’s not always easy to find the time and motivation to be on track with the speech projects (and there are so many of them), but each time I overcome those time constraints and sit down to give it time and energy, I am enjoying it! I am having fun with it and I am learning lots with it too. It has helped me greatly to feel more confident talking to anyone really and the best it, that I don’t feel as nervous anymore talking to a group of people. I feel I can articulate myself, be in control and know the flow of communication and conversation.

I am not a champion yet, that’s why I keep coming back to the meeting. I feel communication is so important in daily life and I want to be really good at it. After 3 years at South Coast Speakers, I hardly miss a meeting or only with a serious excuse and hopefully one day, you will join us for a great gathering of like minded people who are enjoying communicating!