Meeting No 421 – 25th April 2012

If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more, and become more then you are a leader.  (John Quincy Adams)

What an inspiring quote! What it means to me is that when you touch other people deeply, that’s when you connect. I think that’s what the world is about – not fame, not financial achievements and wealth but simply being able to touch others and be touched by others. I think, we have forgotten about this, becoming too busy ‘to run’ our life. It’s not healthy, but you already know that….

Here at Southcoastspeakers we connect through speaking and learning from each other in a relaxed and supported environment. It’s where we ‘touch’ each other by sharing experiences, stories, dreams and aspirations. The perfect platform to become creative and succinct in exactly what you would like to say.

We love seeing new faces and would like to encourage you to come along and find out for yourself.

We start at 7.30pm (sharp) and traditionally finish around 9.30pm.

See you there!