Club meetings

Patrik Schoepfer-001Each and every South Coast Speakers meeting is different – that’s part of the fun!  Every fortnight members take on a different role on the agenda to help improve their skills.  While each meeting is different, they do have some similarities.

The first half of the meeting is impromptu speaking, known as Table Topics.  This is a chance for members to learn how to think quickly and clearly on their feet.  The second half of the meeting is about prepared speeches from the Toastmasters manual.

Rolling stories, evaluations, word of the day, harkmaster and many, many other items are included in each meeting. Brisk business sessions are held periodically to develop members’ parliamentary procedure skills and fine-tune the Club’s operation. Plus, every meeting has a supportive atmosphere that is lots of fun.

Meeting roles are:



General evaluator


Table Topics Speaker



Table Topic Master


When and where does the club meet?

San Remo Hotel, Marine Parade, San Remo, VIC, 3925, Australia.